Starting the Journey

Step One

Renovate, extend, knockdown or move?

What to do with the family home?

Deciding to move, renovate or extend your home does not happen overnight!

When designing your home, the sky is the limit and options are endless. How do you decide your project scope without breaking the bank? How do you know where the bulk of the costs are? Can you get the most worth from the money spent on the design you’ve chosen for your family? Additionally, is your current home and site suitable when considering Planning Authority Approvals?

It involves weeks of research, family considerations and stacks of documentation. Sounds too structured, doesn’t it?

We see many families make emotional decisions and they give up because they don’t have all the information they require, thus, if you like— sold the dream.

Avoid dropping thousands of dollars by considering the big picture: Location, children, schools, transport, shops, family and friends.

When considering your family housing needs, the questions you should ask yourself look like this:

“Is our home suitable for first floor additions and/or ground floor renovation or is it better to knock-down and rebuild? Should we sell? Is there more value in moving?  What will my family needs be in 5-7 years’ time, will it change?”

These are some of the aspects that must be considered to determine if the house, in its current location, is suitable and continue to be so into the future, when the family dynamics and lifestyle changes. This and more must be at the forefront of any planning decision relating to your family needs when considering renovating and extending. In some circumstances renovating and extending may not be the solution, you may be investing more money than necessary to achieve your brief!

Recently we visited a client who needed space for their growing family, they found themselves in a situation where the existing home is old, and the reality is, the money spent to deliver the brief would be equivalent to a new home. In addition to this, the budget available will not be sufficient to meet these costs.

In this instance, we endeavour to provide an alternative solution to the brief and propose a master plan, planning for the home to be renovated in stages and contemplating what it will look like over seven years. Stages can be developed to address the family’s immediate needs and budget. Further stages would be planned to meet the budget, giving the family flexibility over time.

Our service starts here! We come to you for a site consultation and thoroughly answer your questions. We review and discuss topics to equip you in making the best-informed decisions for you and your family needs. We intend to help create space that positively shapes your life, taking into consideration now and in the future.